2021-2022 School Year Registrations

UPDATE: Wow! There's Been So Much Interest for Next Year!

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About Registering

Our school year runs from September to June. Registrations open in late Fall and remain open until we are full. However, spots can become available throughout the year due to moves and changing circumstances, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


We currently have a short waiting list for the 2021-2022 school year. We recommend adding your name to the waiting list if you're interested in registering your child, as we proceed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note:

Due to Covid-19 we have been booking Zoom calls with prospective parents, and then arranging preschool on-site visits (with one parent only).

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Fall 2021

your child is 3 by September 30, 2021

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Fall 2022

your child is 3 by September 30, 2022

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Our Waiting List Policy: Kindly note that our waiting lists are a courtesy to facilitate communication between us. While the lists are designed to make the Preschool aware of your interest, they do not guarantee your child a spot in our Preschool.

We will keep you aware of any relevant updates and openings as they develop, and you can choose at that time whether or not to proceed with Registration. (Your child's spot will be officially booked once the registration fee has been received, the registration form has been submitted, and the tuition payments have been made to the school.)


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Are lunch and snacks included?

Children bring their own healthy snacks and lunch from home. Snacks should be packed in a separate bag that the children will only take out at snack time, while lunch can be packed in a lunch box. A labeled water bottle is also needed.

What is the teacher/student ratio?

Typically, there is 1 adult for every 8 children. However, with the Duty Parent Helper Program, there can be more hands on deck.

How many school breaks or vacation closures does the preschool have?

We generally follow an elementary school closure schedule (major holidays, long weekends, March break, Summer break, etc). You will be informed well in advance of any set preschool closures.

Have the educators obtained their police checks?

Yes, all educators have had their police checks. 

Do all the educators have their Emergency Child Care First Aid CPR/AED?


Does my child need to be potty trained in order to attend Magic Circle Preschool?

Yes, but we can accept them in a Pull-Up if it’s only to prevent accidents.

My child is not yet 3. Can we still register for next year?

Children must be 3 by September 30th of their first year to register for our program.

Are the 3 and 4-year-olds mixed together?

All the children play together and learn together in one classroom. The 4-year-olds will learn a little bit more about the theme. The daily craft will require a little more work from them, such as more cutting shapes, while the 3-year-olds will have pre-cut shapes, for example.

Logistics and timing

What’s the deadline for registering?

Registrations for the following school year open in the late Fall and continue on a first-come first-served basis until the spaces are filled.  There is no specific cut-off date, however, once we are full, we start a waiting list.

Can my child arrive or leave at any time?

We have introduced a flexible 15-minute window for drop-offs in the morning to offer more convenience to busy parents; however, there are set start and end times to this program. (It is not a drop-in program.) Please note that if there is a time conflict in either program, let us know and we'll see if we can help.

How much parental involvement/time commitment should be expected?

Our much-loved Duty Parent Helper Program is currently on hold due to Covid-19. We plan on reinstating it as soon as possible!

Financial questions

Does Magic Circle Preschool issue RL-24 tax forms?


Are there any additional costs to attend Magic Circle Preschool?

There is a non-refundable annual registration fee of $85 for the school year, and your child's monthly tuition. There is a $40 consumables fee per student to be paid at the beginning of the school year. The cost of field trips and special activities throughout the year can have a nominal fee, which will be assessed when all Covid Restrictions are lifted.

Does MCPS offer online payments?

Yes, planned for Fall 2021.