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About Magic Circle Preschool

31+ Years of experience sprinkled with new ideas!

Magic Circle Preschool boys
The Magic Circle Way

The Magic Circle way has been perfected over 3 decades. It encourages self-directed, active, play-based learning. This is because when children are allowed to decide how they will spend their time, they develop qualities such as:

  • autonomy

  • judgment

  • independent decision-making 

  • social give-and-take 

  • initiative

  • exploration 

  • creativity


In addition, the children develop a reasonable amount of cooperation and compliance, as they begin to understand group behaviour and they recognize the educators are their guides in both for learning and safety-related issues.

We establish daily routines and smooth transitions from one activity to another in an upbeat way with our very own Magic Circle songs. (Learn more about our day here

Why the Magic Circle way
is built on play

Did you know that Playing is so important for a child that it is at the forefront of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child? The Quebec educational plan prescribes it too.

Well, we agree! So at Magic Circle, we learn through play.

Play is one of the most important and necessary parts of preschool children’s development because it promotes and favors their global development while having fun!


Play cultivates cognitive development as children’s thinking abilities are stretched. Play encourages new language as they interact with peers, learn new words, and evolve their speech.  The physical activity in play helps develop their motor skills. 


Play also helps children work through emotions and learn teamwork. Since "play" has an inventive nature, it promotes creativity and exploration. Play is spontaneous and there is no expected outcome which means it's all in the childrens’ hands!


Next: Learn about how we employ Immersive Thematic Learning in your child's day-to-day activities.

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