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Our Diverse Learning & Play Environments

Magic Circle Is Located Inside An elementary School!

Preparing for Kindergarten

One of the primary purposes of preschool is to develop a love of learning in every child.  Magic Circle Preschool is second to none when it comes to offering your child a positive introduction to their educational "career" as well as preparing them for elementary school.


We understand how to prepare children for Kindergarten not just academically but rather globally. Through play, we will help them understand routines, participation, sharing, patience, communication, empathy, kindness, doing small things on their own, and very importantly, knowing how to ask for help.

Since we have the unique opportunity of being in an Elementary School environment at Sherbrooke Academy Sr., we exploit all that this offers!  We can slowly introduce intimidating factors such as recess bells and bigger kids to our Magic Circle Children in a way that feels safe and fun therefore when they enter Kindergarten, it's old news!

As part of our program, your child will be miraculously transported into the magical fantasy land of the Principal’s office, the Secretary's office, the Gym, the Library, etc., in a way that feels like an exciting adventure for them.


This makes the eventual transition to big-kid school smoother because your child feels confident and knows what to expect.

IMG_9857 (1).jpeg
Magic Circle preschool background

Our Magical Classroom

Our classroom is organized into "Playing to learn Stations". Children can absolutely move freely between these play stations with no restriction allowing them to make choices for themselves!

Learning Centers include art tables, the puzzle table to develop fine motor and problem solving, the dramatic play corner, sensory section, building blocks, a science corner, a reading corner with French & English books, a Play-Doh Creations table, and a writing table all set up daily for the children to explore.


See our learning centers in action here.

Our School Gym

Because Magic Circle Preschool is located in Sherbrooke Academy,  we are granted access to a full indoor gym. Physical movement and active games are core to our everyday - either outside or in the gym - whether it be for a fast-paced game of tag, silly dancing, ribbon spinning, or team sports.


The children don't feel like they're "exercising", they're just having fun!

A Forest in our Backyard

Also unique to our location is the small forested area right out our window!. The little forest offers the children so many wonders to explore and discover. From creepy-crawlies to learning about the seasons, to our exciting scavenger hunts, the forest allows us to spend time in nature and connect the children to the outdoors.

Our Reading Corner

Group storytime is a huge hit, not surprisingly! But so is the opportunity to practice peaceful quiet time in the reading corner and learning to explore their individual interests with books! 

Magic Circle Preschool Reading Corner
Magic Circle Preschool outdoor play

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor play time is a priority for us. Because of our unique location, we benefit from the use of a soccer field, schoolyard, play structure, green space, and little toboggan hill in the winter.

To see what a typical day looks like, please see A Day in the Life at Magic Circle.

School Bus

Wondering about which elementary school to choose?

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