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Day-to-day fun

A Day in the Life at Magic Circle Preschool

Our educators are all bilingual, and speak both English (with explanations in French) and French (with explanations in English) to ensure children learn both languages. Both French and English are spoken interchangeably throughout the day. 


Language and culture are very important at Magic Circle. For instance, during the “Italy”, "Indigenous Cultures”, and “Nunavut” themes, children learn words and phrases in these languages as well. We feel that it is important to stimulate their brains’ language centers, allowing them to understand that the same things can be called another word in different languages, and we want to foster a sense of respect for other cultures and languages – all in an inclusively fun environment.

Our days are also filled with songs. We feel that the regular use of songs ease transitions from one activity to another, and reinforce a sense of routine. We sing in both English and French. Your child will very likely teach you our special Magic Circle songs!


Circle Time:

circle time.jpeg

Circle is a cozy time of learning, exchanging ideas, sharing spontaneous thoughts and knowledge. As well, we learn & explore cool things about our theme. We also learn about the calendar, numbers, patterns & the letter of the day. We read a story, do a few poems, do science experiments sing and so much more!

Exploring Science & doing experiments


At least once a week, we do science experiments with the children. We hypothesize, we test and we discuss. Additionally, we regularly place interesting activities in the science corner, such as "sink or float" & "What is metal?" activities. Whatever the discovery, science is intriguing and children need as much exposure to it as they can get! Plus, they love it! This one was out Outer Space Theme week.

Physical Activity & Movement:

Magic Circle Preschool outdoor play

Every day we move! We either take advantage of our wonderful school gym, go to the little forest right outside our door or enjoy the play structure. Sometimes we toboggan on our little slope, go to the park or the soccer field... Whatever it is, we move.

Explore Our Theme through play:

Magic Circle Preschool explore our theme

When we are exploring a theme at Magic Circle, we explore it wholeheartedly! We discuss it at circle time, the books in the reading corner are theme based as is the sensory section...Everything is tied to the theme allowing the children to hear about something (ie Dinosaurs) then act it out, revisit it, see more images and communicate with their friends about it. 


Magic Circle Preschool arts & crafts

Arts & crafts have many advantages for children!  They love to work with different materials, create something and feel proud of their result. It's wonderful to see them start with a blank slate and finishing with a work of art!  Additionally, they are developing fine motor skills, learning to cut and and following instructions,



At Magic Circle the snack and meal come from home, so you can be sure what your child is putting into his (or her) body. We love these moments around the table as the children develop spontaneous conversations, talk about what is on their minds and learn table manners

**We are a nut free Classroom ** 

Free Playtime in our 8 play-to-learn stations

As detailed on the page about why the Magic Circle way is heavily based on play, we take our fun playtime very seriously! Our approach is backed by science and is a powerful way to encourage a love of learning. Did you know that playing is so important for children that it is a child's right as per the United Nations?

The classroom is separated into 8 Play-to-Learn stations and shown below. Each day, the children have multiple blocks of time during which they have full autonomy to select what they'd like to explore and receive all the help they need to make the most of their playtime. They are free to make their own choices of what they want to do!

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