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Our Teaching Methods

Immersive Thematic learning

Thematic Learning

What is "Thematic Learning"?

A Thematic Approach to teaching involves integrating all subject areas together under one fun, child-friendly theme. It crosses over subject lines and helps children relate basic academic skills to real-world ideas. Thematic units are common in preschool classes especially, since preschool children learn first through Play interactive, integrated activities. These themed units incorporate reading, math, science and social studies, as well as the arts for a well-balanced curriculum.

Our Thematic approach allows the children to get excited about learning because they transfer their new knowledge to multiple areas of play.


Books, puzzles, activities, stories, and songs are related to the fun theme that is being taught. Additionally, even the crafts, which in turn become the classroom decorations, are also theme-related. Soon you will find dinosaurs and butterflies hanging from our ceiling!

The children are immersed in the theme -- they can hear about, touch, see, smell, feel, and taste the theme! Our learning themes change approximately every 2 weeks. 

Over the years we’ve observed the children learning better, faster, and more in-depth in this structured fun environment, especially during play, and the best part is they have no idea they’re learning, they think they’re just playing and having fun! 

You’ll be amazed at what your children will talk to you about: countries, dinosaurs, animals, knights, bugs, sea creatures, and of course our all-time kid-favorite holiday-time Gingerbread Man theme which never fails to bring out their imagination and personalities.

Some of our bilingual immersive themes
  • Dinosaurs

  • The Environment

  • Spring time

  • Easter

  • Creepy Crawlies

  • (4-year-olds) The Rain Forest

  • (3-year-olds) Animals from the Savanah

  • Sea Friends

  • It's a Small World (multicultural week)

  • Outer Space

  • Nunavut & Winter fun!

  • Knights and Castles

  • Science week

  • Safety

  • Pirates, Mermaids and unicorns

  • Les Dinosaures

  • L'Environnement

  • Le Printemps

  • Pâques

  • Les insectes

  • (4-year-olds) La forêt tropicale

  • (3-year-olds) Les animaux de la Savane

  • Les animaux l'océan

  • Le monde est tout petit (semaine multiculturelle)

  • L'espace

  • La vie à Nunavut & vive l'hiver!

  • Châteaux et Chevaliers

  • La semaine de la science

  • La Securité

  • Les pirates, les sirènes et les licornes

Examples of theme-related outings and field trips
  • Apple Picking and a tractor ride!

  • Dinosaurs - Visit the Dinosaur museum

  • Transportation - Train Ride to the City

  • Space - Visit the Rio-Tinto Alcan Planetarium

  • Sea Friends - The Whale Lady visits our class

  • Fall / Thanksgiving - Pumpkin Picking/apple picking 

  • Spring - Morgan Arboretum

  • Safety - Visit the fire station

  • My Body - Wimgym

  • Science Week - Captain Catalyst joins us for a week and shows the children science experiments

  • Bugs (Creepy Crawlies) - Lyman (bug) museum

  • The Ocean - Swim/Gym

Please note: our Teaching Themes and/or Field Trips may change at any time.

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