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33+ Years of being inspired by preschoolers!

At Magic Circle Preschool, our space is more than just a classroom; it's a nurturing space where children feel as comfortable as they do at home. The vibe is warm with bright, inviting colors and fairy lights, making it  cozy! Our daily custodial service keeps it spotless too!

We understand the tender age at which preschoolers step into our world for the first time. It's a significant transition, and we're deeply committed to ensuring it's a positive one.


Our mission is to foster a nurturing and enriching learn-through-play environment where each child feels safe, confident, and joyful, ensuring that their time with us is marked by boundless exploration, growth, and memories. That the foundation is layed for a curiosity and a love of learning. 

Through the magic of play, we are on the journey of global development with every child under our care. Our approach is as playful as it is purposeful, weaving engaging and inventive learning activities into every moment. Here, imagination flows! We are a creative team and we love to create special spaces!


We also proudly embrace extra and co-curricular activities, inviting children to explore the vast wonders of the world around them.

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Only 5-star Reviews from parents on google & facebook

‘’Ma fille rayonne depuis qu’elle a commencé à Magic Circle. Elle était toujours une petite fille joyeuse mais elle s’est beaucoup épanouie... Merci pour tout l’amour, lattention et l’affection que tu lui as donné.’’ -G&P

- Parents' reviews on Google & Facebook

G & P

We are not a Co-OP
but we want to foster
the importance
of spending special time with your preschooler 

Magic Circle is not a CO-OP however, we believe in fostering the relationship between home & school, and to support this belief, each child has a "Special Day" approximately 2 or 3 times a year, including on their birthday!  It is a wonderful way to spend time with your child and get to know the program as well as all of their cute friends while allowing you to continue your other responsabilities such as working from home or caring for your other children. To do this, we ask for your availability and work with you to find dates that work!

We have an amazing community and we feel that parents benefit from this special day just as much as the children do.  If you can’t be a duty parent, talk to us about it, and we will find a solution!

Mother's Day Card


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