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30+ Years of Happy Kids
and Happy Parents.
We are here
for the kids.

Magic Circle Preschool offers a classroom and outdoor environment that feels like a second home. Bright, cozy and clean.

Preschool children are so little when they come to school for the first time!  We are passionate about making them feel safe, confident, and happy so that they can feel good and not stressed. 

We are here to assist each child in their Global Development through play and to do that, we create engaging and inventive learning activities allowing the children to  develop their boundless imagination and creativity!

We also include extra & co-curricular activities to allow children to explore new things!

Our Bilingual Programs

This bilingual program runs Monday-Thursday from 8:30 AM-12:40 PM

This after-school time runs Monday-Thursday from 12:30-2:00

What Parents Think

‘’Ma fille rayonne depuis qu’elle a commencé à Magic Circle. Elle était toujours une petite fille joyeuse mais elle s’est beaucoup épanouie... Merci pour tout l’amour, lattention et l’affection que tu lui as donné.’’ -G&P

G & P

Child's Special Day (aka Duty Parents)

Magic Circle is not a CO-OP however, we believe in fostering the relationship between home & school, and to support this belief, each child has a "Special Day" once every 5 weeks.  This means that each day of preschool, a different parent will spend the day with us and participate in all the Magic! It is a wonderful way to spend time with your child and get to know the program and all the cute kids in our pogram.


We have an amazing community and we feel that the parents benefit from this special day just as much as the children do. We create a rotating schedule but you can feel free to switch with another parent if need be! If you can’t be a duty parent, talk to us about it, and we will find a solution!

Mother's Day Card


Located in Beaconsfield, Quebec. The heart of the West Island!

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