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Meet our educators Sue & Carm

Sue Fitzgerald

Sue requires no introduction! As the previous owner of Magic Circle Preschool as well as the primary educator, we are over the moon that Sue still spends several days a week with us as an educator in our Magical Classroom. Sue has 31 years of experience with Magic Circle and she has not slowed down! Still as loving, creative, passionate and knowledgeable as ever, Sue may have given up her “behind the scenes” responsibilities but not her love for educating children. We can expect Sue to carry on her fabulous guitar and singing sessions as well as helping the children learn all kinds of neat things.


Carm Polson

Carm does not require any introduction either! Alongside Sue, Carm has been the other main educator at Magic Circle for 18 years! Carm & Sue, famous for being the loving & dynamic teaching duo, may have taken a well deserved step-back but remain an important part of the educational team. We love seeing Carm in our Magical Classroom sharing her expertise with the children as well as dancing with the kids, playing dress up and working on her foam fencing challenges!

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