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Meet Laurie, New Owner as of 2021!

2020-2021 marked the year that Sue Fitzgerald and Carmela Polson announced their gradual retirement after 30+ wonderful years at Magic Circle Preschool. Mother-of-three Laurie Hartlen was handpicked to take over the business and carry its magic forward into the future. 


Learn more about Laurie on this page!

About Laurie

Laurie Hartlen is a creative graphic designer and longtime entrepreneur. All while building her business, she tirelessly devoted her time and energy to hands-on involvement in the enrichment of her three children’s academic and athletic experiences.


Laurie studied Business at the John Molson School of Business, Recreation Management at Dalhousie in Halifax and is currently in Preschool Education at UQTR. She has also been a substitute elementary school teacher for both school boards in the West Island, is perfectly bilingual, and believes in the importance of preschoolers being exposed to multiple languages.


As someone who has always loved volunteering, Laurie served on the Home & School Committee for over 10 years, wearing many hats until finally tackling the role of Vice-President of Special Events. Her focus in the academic sphere has always been on improving the students’ experiences at school, bringing fresh new ideas to the table, and motivating parents to become more involved. 


Laurie also spent a decade spearheading Terry Fox Runs and Hema-Québec Blood donor clinics, organizing food drives and loved to help coordinate an annual Soccer Camp Day for a Community Center in an underprivileged, downtown neighborhood.  Laurie approaches everything she does with the same underlying motto: “we’ve got something important to get done here - let’s do it well and make it as fun and memorable as we can.”


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that as the new owner of the well-established Magic Circle Preschool, she will shepherd the celebrated program into the future with the same enthusiasm, focus and accomplishment that she brings to all her endeavors.

Contact Laurie

Laurie is always pleased to speak to new prospective parents, and to hear feedback and suggestions from the Magic Circle family!


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