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Kellie Poole.heic

Meet Kellie!
full-time Educator as of 2021

Kellie is no stranger to Magic Circle Preschool! In fact, Kellie was invited to be a substitute educator by Carm & Sue starting 4 years ago.


Kellie, who is super outgoing and bubbling with positive energy, spent several years juggling the Service Industry & Child Care before deciding that she wanted to focus only on preschool education. Kellie did Early Childhood at Concordia before switching to Université du Québec à Trois Rivières in Preschool Age Education where she is currently enrolled.  


For years at Magic Circle, Kellie was a favorite for all the kids and soon, she initiated ''Fun Fridays with Kellie'' at the preschool, which was an additional day of fun activities for children who wanted to be at preschool an extra day per week. While at Magic Circle, Kellie also worked at CPE and community daycare centers in the West Island and off the Island. 


Kellie is bilingual, focused and excited to be at Magic Circle as a full time educator to help ensure the children at Magic Circle feel happy, loved, secure and free to develop into wonderful little people while they learn their way around the world through play.

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